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Three Body Solution, Photo by Shutterfly

BOOM Performance:
Three Body Solution –

Free Improvised Music.


Three Body Solution is a new improvised collective featuring John Shaughnessy – Bass, Zachary Pruitt – Guitar and Dave Bullard – percussion. The group specializes in collective free improvisation across genres, mixed with aleatoric elements. All three members have extensive experience in improvised music.

Zachary Pruitt recently returned to North Carolina from New York City where he led his own improvisers collective. He was a feature profile in Prepared Guitar magazine. John Shaughnessy led the Jazz Improvisors Workshop in Charlotte and works with the Charlotte New Music Festival. Dave Bullard has been a member of many improvisatory groups, and builds his own percussion instruments. He is featured on the new album from guitarist/luthier Ari Lehtela. The trio has performed for the Charlotte New Music Festival, as well as a well received concert at last years BOOM Festival. Their eponymous debut album is now available on vinyl and digital download.

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Showing at: Living Room Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, 4/23, 2:45 – 3:10pm