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Teil Buck

Teil Buck, Photo by Chris Rodarte

BOOM Performance:

Teil Buck –
“Oboe-tronica :” Music

Prepare yourself for a virtual tour around the world via Oboe and electronic soundscapes. Our journey will start in the Netherlands with a poem by William Blake presented as a record player, skipping and repeating while distorting the pitch into a feverish dream-like hallucinogenic experience. Teil will soothe us back to sleep in blissful joy next with music derived from an African lullaby, then wake us up with heightening joy and ritualistic-like dance to Portuguese Oboe jazz. Next she will take a moment to reflect and collectively grieve with Ukrainian folk music reimagined for looping pedal and improvised Oboe. The sonic odyssey will end in the American flatlands with crickets, wild nightlife, and howling with coyotes.


Classically trained oboist Teil Buck delights in breaking all the classical rules, embracing new technologies by integrating electronics, looping pedals, and effects in her performances and compositions. Regularly performing with orchestras throughout the region, as well as in Disney’s Broadway production tour of Aladdin, she has found her voice by championing others. Sparking a commitment to featuring new works by living and underrepresented composers, Teil seeks to bring music to new audiences in entirely new and unexpected ways. She is also the co-founder of Phoenix Down RPG, specializing in everything from performing new works by living composers to video game arrangements at popular conventions and recently live Dungeons and Dragons gameplay with interactive improvisatory music.

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Showing at: Raceway
Show Time: Saturday, 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Admission is FREE