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BOOM Performance:
“The Shift Project and Other Stories”

Sarah Council Dance Projects: Dance

The Shift Project and Other Stories is a contemporary dance performance that includes “The Shift Project: Phase 1” – a multi-layered, inquiry-based collaboration – combining movement (Sarah Council Dance Projects – SCDP), poetry (de’Angelo Dia) and music (Ron Parks). The Shift considers the questions: How does context affect meaning? How does our perspective influence what we see? The performance will also include “A History of Dirt,” SCDP’s exploration into the body as a keeper of histories.

Sarah Council Dance Projects was curious about how context affects meaning and wanted to explore this idea collaboratively, through poetry, movement and sound. The performers were excited to begin this process because through it they hoped to create a generative space for collaborative, open-ended questioning, investigation and discovery.

Expect to experience: Shifting bodies, images and narratives. Compelling, thought-provoking poetry. Immersive multi-layered sound. Authentic performance.


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Performance date(s) and time(s) will be announced in March, 2020.