ReeCee Raps & Queen Elizabeth ReeCee Raps & Queen Elizabeth

Love & Valor

ReeCee Raps & Queen Elizabeth, Photo by
Scott Hart Memory Lane Productions & Ashley Milburn II Productions

BOOM Performance:

ReeCee Raps & Queen Elizabeth – “The Garden:” Music

A collaboration exploring and inspiring self growth through music, The Garden will reinforce the concept that if you water it, it will grow. Elizabeth will be playing her flute with pedal board while ReeCee Raps flows with the music.


ReeCee Raps is an award-winning rap artist based in Charlotte, NC, and originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She is a unique talent with an energetic stage presence that can entertain crowds of all ages, often blending old school and modern sounds to create something completely new. ReeCee has been compared to the likes of Left Eye, Lauryn Hill, and other legends, but she is in the process of shaping a legacy of her own.

Elizabeth is a multi-instrumentalist and composer born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Elizabeth’s music reflects her musical journey and life explorations. It can’t be boxed into a specific genre, and her influences range from Jimi Hendrix to Bjork, Bach, Orchestral/Chamber music, Stevie Wonder, sound art, and the avant garde.

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Showing at: Boileryard – Intersection Stage
Show Time: Friday, 8:00 – 8:30 pm
Admission is FREE