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BOOM Performance:
Poets Free –
“Your Voice:” Performance/Poetry

In 24 hours I’ll transform pictures of people holding a word that means something to them into a video that will be projected behind me as I recite the poem I’ve made from them. Last year the question was asked, “Tell me a word that means something to you?.” This year I will ask the question, “You know what you want, but what do you need.”


Kathleen Finch: Nurse/Poet/Artist/Yogi
Pronouns: She/Her
Spreading love and art like wildfire is at the core of her existence. She is a mother, nurse, poet, yogi, art event coordinator, and multimedia artist. Her artwork and poetry focuses on illuminating the breath of human emotions in all its splendor. Her events further expand upon this, fostering a common sense of community through art. She holds dearly the philosophy that seeing the worth in it all brings us one step closer to peace.

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Showing at: Alcove
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/22 8:45 – 9:15pm