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Poetry Fox - Spoken Word

Poetry Fox, Photo by Poetry Fox Photographer

BOOM Performance:

Poetry Fox –
“The Writing Cabinet:” Spoken Word

Write your fears, hopes, memories, secrets, or more on a card and put it into the WRITING CABINET—an antique armoire containing the hidden poet Chris Vitiello aka the Poetry Fox, with a typewriter–and the cabinet instantly returns your card with a unique, custom poetic response on the back for you to keep. Inspired by Victorian fortune telling cabinets and confessionals, the interactive, collaborative Writing Cabinet gives you an intimate, safe space to communicate with the beyond, and to receive a personal response. The project has many conceptual faces; it can appear as the Cabinet of Memories, Ridicule, the Future, Wishes, Lies, Worries, Regrets, Sorrows, Secrets, Hopes, Fears, or Hearts.


Chris Vitiello aka the Poetry Fox is a Durham-based poet and performer who writes poems on demand at all manner of events and in a variety of incarnations. As the Poetry Fox, he bangs out custom poems on a typewriter while dressed as a giant fox. As the Writing Cabinet, he responds to people’s wishes, fears, memories, and more in the manner of a fortune-telling cabinet. Vitiello is also an award-winning arts writer and has published three collections of poetry—most recently “Obedience” on Ahsahta Press.

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Showing at: Boileryard – Intersection Living Room
Show Time: Friday, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Admission is FREE