Natalie Chanel Natalie Chanel x Rustic Aura

Natalie Chanel x Rustic Aura :Art Installation

Natalie Chanel - Rustic Aura

BOOM Performance: Natalie Chanel x Rustic Aura : Fiber Arts/ Mixed Media

Using a fence like material, the interactive community weaving will allow participants to pop in and out allowing the community to create an abstract art project. Under the guidance of visual artist Natalie Chanel, participants will use a variety of materials to create an abstract composition.

Natalie Chanel has worked to capture and intrigue the art community with her photography and mixed media work. She gathers much of her inspiration from live experiences, personal travels, the black family, and cultures around the world. Chanel’s pieces embody some of her own life experiences and collegiate studies. This journey has led to her working with cutting edge artists and clients both domestically and globally. She has worked as a Visual Arts Specialists, Teaching Artist, Gallery Assistant, Art Educator, Researcher and Photographer for over a decade. Some of her personal interests include working with urban youth, volunteering and using the arts as a tool for self discovery and social change. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Norfolk State University and a Master’s of Art degree in Art Education from The Ohio State and a Master’s of Art degree in Historic Textiles and Costumes from the University of Nebraska.

Showing at: Street
Show Times:
Sunday, 1 – 5 pm
Admission is FREE