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Mr. Rocky Music –
“Mr. Rocky Music Enrichment:” Music

Fun filled High Energy Musical Enrichment Interaction For All Ages Exploring All Instruments and Styles of music singing old favorites and new favorites.


Mr. Rocky is no rookie when it comes to bringing joy to children through music. With 10 years plus of experience, Mr. Rocky has touched the hearts and minds of not only children, but adults as well. Rocky’s passion for teaching the ones who will be in charge of our future dates back to 2006. Mr. Rocky’s credentials 1 & 2 in Early Childhood Development led him to being a teacher for all ages, including children with disabilities and special needs. Mr. Rocky’s Music Enrichment for Children originated in the city of New York across 5 different children centers; where he taught music that allowed the children to be interactive, to be creative, and to learn all at once. And because of the great response from the children, and the likes of their parents; Mr. Rocky has been able to take the Music Enrichment on the road to places like Charlotte’s Festival in the Park, North Charleston Arts Fest, A Taste of Colorado, Charleston STEM Fest, birthday parties for kids, and special appearances in schools.

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Showing at: Living Room Stage
Show Time:
Saturday, 4/23, 12:30 – 12:55pm