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BOOM Performance: Dance: “Toss It, Catch It, Drop It.”

Moving Body Dance Company presents “Toss It, Catch It, Drop It.” This performance is an improvisational dive into the unknown possibilities of movement and relationship. Relying on impulse and intuition, the dancers are performing in a spontaneous environment where anything can happen within a structured set of tasks or ‘games.’ The risk of performing spontaneously is failure to make ‘good’ choices while dancing as individuals and the failure to support the group as a whole. The excitement of the performance experience is to reveal the unlimited potential of movement and relationship as well as the unbelievable amount of possibilities. What is a successful performance? What is failure? Moving Body Dance Company seeks to keep asking these questions throughout the performance in hopes of discovery as well as accumulating new questions to fuel future explorations.

Moving Body Dance Company (MBDC) is a new, non-profit dance company based in Columbia, SC. Erin Bailey founded the company in August of 2018 in hopes of bringing together professional contemporary dancers of diverse backgrounds from Columbia and the surrounding areas. Erin seeks to create and present works that play improvisationally and that challenge traditional performance methods. MBDC premiered at the Free Verse Poetry Festival’s “Physical Poetry” concert in October of 2018 in Charleston, SC, and continued its first season at the Charlotte Dance Festival. MBDC is thrilled to continue its season as part of the BOOM Intersection as they prepare for an evening length production at Capital Fringe this July.

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Showing at: Intersection
Show Time:
Saturday, 8:15 pm – 8:35 pm

Admission is FREE