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BOOM Performance:
Mo Pirela – Solidarity & Co. –
“Things I Know For Sure:” Spoken Word

“Things I Know For Sure” will be a poetic experience that odes to the powerful women who have made an impact on her upbringing, confidence, and sense of self worth. Mo will share dynamic, original works that provoke thought, promote solidarity and evoke emotion in the audience. The pieces she shares will do all of this while being sure to compel joy, laughter, sass, and a sense of belonging. “Things I Know For Sure” is the title of the show and also the title of a new unreleased poem that will be debuted at this event.


Mo is a writer, advocate, and entrepreneur. Her writings and her poetry have been accepted by several publications. She has shared her original poetry pieces at community arts events around Charlotte, NC. She is a moderator, podcast host, panel speaker for multiple who has initiated and/or participated in community events both in her local community and in her hometown. She is also the founder of Solidarity&Co. by Mo, an advocacy-based brand offering business services, a variety of products, as well as speaking & creative services. Mo’s decision to become an entrepreneur stems from over a decade of experience serving as the first point of contact for some of the nation’s largest companies. Her most important roles are granddaughter, daughter, sister, partner, homegirl, student, citizen, & changemaker! Mo is a self-identified badass woman who refuses to be silenced and vows to use her voice, lived experience, and big mouth for good. All of her endeavors are meant to promote solidarity with all oppressed people, everywhere, all the time.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Friday, 4/21, 8:30 – 8:45pm