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Lila Leher: Spoken Word

Lila Leher

BOOM Performance: “It’s so insane, we look the same… “

It’s so insane, we look the same… is a performing art show that points out the obvious uniformity of our common human anatomy. The author begins her performance by talking about communities and how we gone further into commercialism and goes into stories close to her and talks about the progression of race relations and questions how far have we really have come along. It calls out the groups of people from the community that feels they are justified in suppressing others of different dermatological tonal value.

Later, Ms. Leher addresses those that are being suppressed. Partially performing in rhymes this show pushes the listener to realize our unity even though we have so much diversity we are of one community. We are more alike than not alike.

Showing at: Intersection
2pm-2:10pm Show Time:
Saturday, 2:00 – 2:10 pm
Admission is FREE