Lady V Poetry

Lady V Poetry

Lady V Poetry, Photo by James Parker of Catch ’em Smiling Photography

BOOM Performance:
Lady V Poetry –
“Life in a Fishbowl: A Poetic Musical:” Spoken Word/Theatre

My presentation is a challenge to the systematic structure and social norms of southern church hierarchy and the abuse that happens when a church is full of hypocritical church folks, but not God folks.


Lady V Poetry was born ReVivian Freeman on October 13th in the small town called Swansea in South Carolina. This is where she began writing poetry in 2000, while in grade school, after the death of the only grandparent she ever knew, Rev. William J. Frazier. She found poetry as a means of therapy not only for herself, but also for others who were not allowing themselves to express their true feelings.

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Showing at: MacFly Fresh
Show Times:
Saturday, 4/22 7 – 8pm
Sunday, 4/23 2:30 – 3:30pm

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