King Whale + Resonance King Whale + Resonance

King Whale + Resonance, Photo by Samuel James

BOOM Performance:
King Whale + Resonance –
“King Whale + Resonance:” Music

We’re a lo-fi jazz group called Resonance. Some of the songs we’re gonna play for you are originals by lead vocalist King Whale or classic renditions of jazz and R&B standards.


My stage name is King Whale, and I’ve been performing music since I was in middle school. My goal is to bring as much positive, uplifting music to my listeners as possible. Artist like Lupe Fiasco, Chance The Rapper and Kota The Friend are huge influences to me. Their music has gotten me out of a lot of negative situations and feelings and I want to pass that along to as many people as possible. So if my songs make you crack a smile or improve your day in the slightest way – I know I’ve done my job!

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Showing at: Birdsong Brewing Co. (1016 Davidson St.)
Show Time:
Wednesday, May 31, 6 – 7pm

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