Flow Town - Kia Flow Kia Flow and Jerm 747, Flowtainment LLC

Kia Flow: Flow Town

Kia Flow and Jerm 747, Photos by Kia Flow photographer

BOOM Performance:
Kia Flow and Jerm 747, Flowtainment LLC
SPEAK Showcase
“Flow Town:” Spoken Word

Kia Flow is a spoken word artist who has elaborate visions of her grand performance someday with thousands of people in the audience cheering her name. But in reality, she still has a nine to five, is a full-time student and is still trying to figure this thing called life. In the process she enjoys creating and has enlisted the help of her companion in her latest endeavor. Sit back and watch how this fantasy unfolds.


Kia Flow and Jerm747 are a husband-and-wife team who individually are amazing artists in their own right. Kia is an award-winning performance poet and Jerm747 is a musician and music producer. They met at an Open Mic in 2015 and have been making magic together ever since.

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Showing at: SPEAK Showcase: Dupp and Swat
Show Time:
Friday, 6:00 – 7:00pm
Saturday, 8:30 – 9:30pm