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BOOM Performance:
Janelle Dunlap & Reba Bowens:
Visual Art/Performance

Identity Work II- the second installation of a series of performance/engagement art that indirectly informs the audience to analyze historic narratives of their geographic identity. Identity Work II focuses on the art of protest, inspired by 2019 Hong Kong Protests and the 2016 Charlotte Uprising.


Janelle Dunlap is a Charlotte, NC based mixed media artist and organizer dedicated to building ethical relationships between institutions and the communities that surround them. This practice ranges from curating public space, state policy and organizational development. Using social practice art as her medium, her goal is to paint perspectives that serve a purpose beyond the canvas.

Janelle’s work primarily focuses on West Charlotte with an emphasis on beekeeping, mural curation, and mixed media. She is a New Artist Society Scholar at School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she is enrolled in the Low- Residency Master of Fine Arts program as well as the inaugural Social and Environmental Arts MFA program at Prescott College.

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