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Nalee Thao:  If These Walls Could Talk – Visual Art

If These Walls Could Talk-Jagolactus

John Hairston – @jagolactus

Nalee Thao: Curator & Collaborator:
In 2018 Nalee brought 8 visual artists to BOOM to live paint murals on mobile walls throughout the BOOM Intersection space. In 2019 we look forward to including more mobile walls out on the streets and sidewalks during the festival. Additionally in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Restore, Nalee will be selecting artists to live paint on furniture items that Restore will then highlight in their stores and sell through auction as a fundraiser. We are excited to collaborate on this endeavor as Restore loans the BOOM festival furniture for our outdoor living room spaces.

“If These Walls Could Talk” was created with two main goals in mind: one, to bring awareness that street art exists in Charlotte and two, to establish a community where artists of all levels can come together and create as one. Each year Thao strives to build a team that consists of neighborhood “regulars”and a few undiscovered gems. By doing so, she enables artists to expand our creative community and make connections for those that are lesser known. In 2019 Thao is excited to highlight 7 professional artists in addition to 5 UNCC art/design students who are currently developing an interactive community mural.

If These Walls Could Talk Artists


Showing at: Street (various)
Show Times: Visual Art Installations
  Saturday 1 – 5 pm
  Sunday 1 – 5 pm


Alex Santaloci - @alextattoosnc

Alex Santaloci - @alextattoosnc

Artist: Alex Santaloci
Social Media - Instagram: @alextattoosnc
About the Artist: NC based traveling tattoo and visual artist currently in Charlotte, specializing in geekery, pop culture and the occult. Artist/owner at Iron Ghost Tattoo in the NoDa neighborhood.

John Hairston - @jagolactus

John Hairston - @jagolactus

Artist: John Hairston, Jr.
Social Media - Instagram: @jagolactus
About the Artist: Baptized in the era of Reaganomics and the birth of Hip-Hop culture, Charlotte native John Hairston Jr. blends silver age comic aesthetics, disposable American popular culture, spirituality and social commentary in to a style that can only be described as “funkdigenous”.

Brett TwoKat Lee  - @b_twokat

Brett TwoKat Lee - @b_twokat

Artist: Brett TwoKat Lee
Social Media - Instagram: @b_twokat
About the Artist: TwoKAT is an illustrator at heart. Born and raised in North Carolina, TwoKAT brings the funk by building bold black and colorful creations. Sometimes loveable and sometimes bizarre, his drawings are always fun.

Zachery Peele - @tragiczack

Zachery Peele - @tragiczack

Artist: Zachery Peele
Social Media - Instagram: @tragiczack
About the Artist: Zachery Peele (also known as TragicZack) is a Charlotte based artist and aspiring muralist. He graduated from UNC Charlotte in Spring 2017 with a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Illustration and a minor in Art History. His style Is heavily influenced by cartoon and comic book culture, traditional works of art, and his own personal experiences throughout his life. He has experience with many mediums, such as watercolor, acrylics, digital illustration, and his newest and most favorable medium, spray paint. When he isn’t in his studio making art, he can be found at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, giving artistic advise on products and methods of art making. His work can be found on Instagram @tragiczack or on his website,

Phobe Teeters - @1313phoebe

Phobe Teeters - @1313phoebe

Artist: Phoebe Teeters
Social Media - Instagram: @1313phoebe
About the Artist: Phoebe Teeters aka Phoebe1313 is a mixed artist, 1313 skateboard maker, and the creator of the Fried Chicken Art Party. She has been an exhibiting artist since age 18 and makes custom skateboards, recycled board art, paints and has a background in photography and fashion. Her goal is to inspire those who see her work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places, for you to think about all that inspires, to promote art, and skateboarding.

Frogboy - @frogboy

Frogboy - @frogboy

Artist: Frogboy
Social Media - Instagram: @frogboy
About the Artist: Frogboy is the alter ego and dream of a cartoon artist and illustrator named John. He lives in a junkyard, rides his skateboard, loves tacos and does his best to fight evil on a daily basis. Funky action and bright colors is what he strives for.

For Alexia Little + UNCC AIGA Student Group

Alexia Little

Alexia Little

Alexia is a UNCC graphic design student. "In love with art of all forms. Still learning, still growing." The UNCC AIGA Student Group focuses on their passion for design. Always seeking out opportunities for sharing knowledge among their peers and remaining active in the Charlotte creative community.

Habitat Restore Collaboration (The Art Revival):

Jenn Garrison

Jenn Garrison - @arma_kristi

Artist: Jenn Garrison
Social Media - Instagram: @arma_kristi
About the Artist:

Jenn Garrison draws, makes prints, and plays with patterns. She throws axes and is working on a plan to run away to Italy to study art history.

Monica Rief

Monica Rief - @monicariefstudio

Artist: Monica Rief
Social Media - Instagram: @monicariefstudio
About the Artist:

Monica Rief has a background in Sculpture and Performance & Installation Art. On top of assisting with community support with CreativeMornings Headquarters, she works as an Illustrator & Graphic Designer in Charlotte, NC. Her passions include running, yoga, meditation, reading, collaborating, and making music.

Julie Tambussi

Julie Tambussi - @julie_tambussi

Artist: Julie Tambussi
Social Media - Instagram: @julie_tambussi
About the Artist: Julie Tambussi is the Director of Marketing at Savvy + Co Real Estate and a graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center and Parsons School of Design. When she's not busy shaping the brand and culture of this growing brokerage, she's out enjoying a good run, a good book, and a good beer. Cool fact? She's working towards becoming a certified beekeeper alongside her husband, Nate.

Mirelys Colón

Mirelys Colón - @elysdraws

Artist: Mirelys Colón
Social Media - Instagram: @elysdaws
About the Artist: Mirelys is a senior Illustration student at UNC Charlotte graduating in May. Her interest in art started when she was a kid, drawing whatever she saw on TV. She enjoys working in a wide range of mediums including acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and digital. Her work combines fantasy themes, hispanic culture, and empowering women and the LGBT+ community. Inspired by comics, videogames, and animation, Mirelys hopes to create her own stories and narratives one day and share them with the people around her.