Guateques de la Casa de la Cultura Guateques de la Casa de la Cultura

Guateques de la Casa de la Cultura, Photo by Keudis Sanchez

BOOM Performance:
Guateques de la Casa de la Cultura –
“Afro Ancestral Circle and Performance:” Dance/Music/Theatre

The show you are about to join, will invite you to be immersed in a cultural space embodied by different rhythms and artists from different places in America. Celebrate diversity, ancestry, music, and connect with your own ancestral being.

Guateques is a great multidisciplinary performance, which contemplates delighting the audience with ancestral South American folkloric traditions specifically from the Venezuelan region. It begins with a dance tour of dancing devils, continuing with a siren song that begins the celebration of Saint John the Baptist. Subsequently, Negra Lorenza takes the stage with her bilingual monologue giving, which will introduce a wonderful ancestral circle in which all the participants will invite part of the audience to dance in it. The grand finale will be to the rhythm of the Quitiplás or Gambos.


“La compañía de Artes Ancestrales y Contemporáneos del Mundo de la Casa de la Cultura,” (World Contemporary and Ancestral Arts Company from the House of Culture) is an emerging project made out of a collective of diverse artists located in Charlotte. Some of the rhythms addressed are related to different diasporas that settle down in different parts of America. Audiences will experience an immersive cultural space, with vivid rhythms and embodied spirituality and heritage.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Friday, 4/21, 7:30 – 7:50pm