Melissa Harria Melissa “Gangsta Care Bear” Harris

Melissa Gangsta Care-Bear Harris

Photos by Melissa Harris photographer

BOOM Performance:
Gangsta Care-Bear – “Artificial Sweetener & A Dash of Bull$&!t”: Spoken Word

Artificial Sweetener and A Dash of Bull$%&t  are the collection of stories and poems that discuss specific lies told and how they shape and even explain the reasons of being. Shows will be ASL interpreted.


Melissa Harris, AKA “Gangsta Care Bear,” is an ASL Interpreter by profession, but many would say the stage is where she belongs. Her stories and poems will make you think, laugh, shed that one Denzel Glory tear, or run and hug a stranger. Melissa’s tagline, “I give drive-by hugs” shows her relentless pursuit of spreading love and kindness. Born and raised in New England and residing in The Queen City for over 30 years produces a youthful 53-year-old, Jack Daniels loving, Chuck Taylor wearing, Queer Buddhist who will teach you how to meditate and knit you some socks!

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Showing at: MacFly Fresh – Livestreamed via ZOOM
Show Time:
Friday, 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Showing at: Dupp and Swat
Show Time:
Saturday, 7:00 – 8:00pm