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Cutright - Spoken Word

Cutright, Photo by Cutright

BOOM Performance:

Cutright – “Dopeness! :” Spoken Word

“BARS, BARS & BARS. Did I mention BARS? Yeah…”


Cutright loves God, his wife Vicky, and A Goofy Movie, in that order. As a poet, battle rapper, public speaker, and full-time member of the Ginyu Force, he has been wrecking shop for years, from the Hidden Leaf Village to the Westside of Wakanda. Cutright and his crew, the JustHis League, have been serving together in the city of Charlotte for over a decade, impacting lives across the Queen City and the nation! He believes that Joe Budden is Top 5 Dead or Alive, and one day hopes to fit in a 2XL! Give it up, Cutright!!

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Showing at: Boileryard – Intersection Stage
Show Time: Friday, 8:55 pm – 9:25 pm
Admission is FREE