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BOOM Performance: Your Neighborhood Orchestra : Classical/Pop/Rock/Soul

Local composers will collaborate with singer-songwriters to arrange their songs for an orchestra. The original artists have given the composers creative freedom with the original material. These creative new takes will transform the original songs for audiences to hear them in new and exciting ways, which will ultimately be performed by the original artists with the orchestra!

Charlotte New Music promotes Charlotte’s growing reputation as a center for contemporary music through unique educational experiences, compelling performances, and innovative collaborations across artistic disciplines. Songwriters: Lisa De Novo, Jmichael Peeples, Mona Lisa, VonHunter, Pete Lents, Liza Ortiz. Arrangers/Composers: John Allemeier, Drew Dolan, Fred Dunlap, Elizabeth Kowalski. Orchestra: Jennifer Dior (flute), Jessica Lindsey (bass clarinet), Samuel Sparrow (clarinet), Kari Giles (violin), Matt Postle (trumpet), Maxwell Gill (trombone), Fred Dunlap (percussion), others TBA.

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Showing at: Intersection: Legion Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, 4:30 – 5 pm
Admission is FREE