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Andrea Downs and Bunny

BOOM Performance: “Remember Me, Africa(?)”

“Remember Me, Africa(?)” is both a statement and a question. It reflects on the desire to be accepted and embraced as an African American by Africa and her descendants but also questions if it’s possible due to the years and the ocean that has separated them. This piece explores these issues through African dance, drum, song, poetry written specifically for dance, and some aspects of contemporary dance.

Ballet International Africans is a family of artists dedicated to presenting the folklore and stories detailing the experiences of African Americans as well as Africans and the common cultural history that binds them. Choreographer and BIA Director Amina Heckstall hopes audiences will leave uplifted, eager to learn more, and inspired to connect to the Mother Continent, Africa.

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Showing at: Intersection: Legion Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, 3:45 – 4 pm
Admission is FREE