Amina Heckstall Amina Heckstall

Amina Heckstall

Amina, Photo by Kaniba Heckstall

BOOM Performance:
Amina Heckstall S.T.E.A.M. (Soul Transforming Energy And Movement) –
“IBUKUN – Sacred Dundun Dance:” Dance/Spoken Word/Music

BUKUN means The Blessing in the Yoruba language. The culture of West Africa and the dance and drum community that keeps it going is a blessing. However, when there are issues that arise within and no one wants to address them, they can fester and destroy what’s been built for centuries. Through this performance we will address four taboo topics we face in this community in hopes of being a catalyst for more dialogue or/ and influence a positive change.


Steam is cleansing. Steam gets things in motion. Steam is the balance of water and fire. Steam opens up the senses. The word “Team” is in the word steam.

Through Soul transforming energy and movement we cleanse. Shed layers of trauma. Release unresolved issues. Let go of things and feelings that no longer serve us.

With a renewed vibration, we’re inspired, motivated even, to manifest our dreams to see the possibilities and claim them. We are here to integrate love as a regular focus in the world. S.T.E.A.M. brings our chakras into alignment and gives a deeper connection to Mama Earth through workshops and performances.

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Showing at: 201 Camp Suite 107
Show Times:
Saturday, 4/22 7 – 8pm
Sunday, 4/23 2:30 – 3:30pm + Post Show Q & A

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