Five BOOM Artists to Watch in 2019

Queen City NewsThe Queen City News says Charlotte’s favorite fringe arts festival, BOOM Charlotte, is back in Plaza Midwood this weekend. Here’s an excerpt:


Five BOOM Artists to Watch in 2019

See you at the Intersection

Published Wednesday, April 24, 2019 by Pat Moran

Check out our talk with founder Manoj Kesavan for more details on the return of BOOM, but also be sure to check out these five first-time acts that we’re excited to check out.

The Professor is a pompous arts expert who delights in towering over his audiences. We mean that literally. Nathan Matthews, Oscar Soto and Michael Gentry’s Life of an Artist presents a lecture by the eight-and-a-half-foot-tall academic, portrayed by Matthews wearing an elongated paper-mâché mask.

Matthews, who participated in the previous two BOOM fests as the drummer for musical/theatrical band Mall Goth, is pulling a double shift this year. In addition to the Professor, the percussionist is presenting at To be Sure at Rabbit Hole.


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