Three Things to be Excited About

QC LifeQC Life says there are three things to be excited about. Here’s an excerpt:


Three Things To Be Excited About With Tim and Kia O.

Published in June 2020

There is a lot going on right now in the Queen City when it comes to art, music and overall just flat out creativity.

QC Life

QC Life – Three Things to be Excited About

That’s where we call up our friends from Charlotte is Creative. Tim Miner shared three things to be excited about and introduced us to a special guest, Kia O.

Three Things To Be Excited About:

  1. Windows of Hope: Lowe’s, South End and ArtPop! want to turn 13 windows into an outside art gallery. They are asking artist to come up with ideas to paint these windows and they’ll be giving the artist $1,000 per window to create these beautiful masterpieces.
  2. Tosco Music Party: John Tosco is having an online event Saturday night featuring incredible talent and raising money for the COVID-19 Music Relief fund created by Fair Play Music Equity Initiative and Music Everywhere.
  3. A Call To Create: Charlotte is Creative has partnered with BOOM, BLKMRKTCLT and The Roll Up to invite artists to submit ideas to present at an online event on July 11.


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