BOOM Charlotte Showcases Experimental Performance Art

The Charlotte ObserverThe Charlotte Observer says BOOM Charlotte showcases experimental performance art for mainstream audiences . Here’s an excerpt:


BOOM Charlotte Showcases Experimental Performance Art

Published Monday, April 17, 2019 11:12 am by Lawrence Toppman, Arts Correspondent

The difference between fans of mainstream culture and fans of BOOM Charlotte is exactly one punctuation mark.

Mainstreamers read about “The Sacrament of Reconciliation,” where audience members make bread in someone’s home while meditating on their own lives, and ask, “This is art?” BOOMers respond, “This is art!”

Ditto for the one-person show by Melissa “Gangsta Care Bear” Harris, who tells stories “through the lens of a bougie, chubby, menopausal, 50-year-old black Buddhist with no sexual gender preference.” Or “Unicorn in the Forest,” a show by Sinergismo — still unclassifiably wild after 17 years — in which trees come to life and a snaggle-toothed unicorn grants a runaway from modern civilization an existence-changing wish.


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