BOOM Springboard

During the time of the pandemic many artists have been shut-in creating new works. However there has been a lack of venues to share these works. This summer BOOM is providing a platform for works to be seen. It will be a space for interaction to happen between the audience and the artists. The pandemic took this dynamic away, but now through limited attendance events it is slowly coming back.

Artists are yearning to hear the immediate feedback from the audience. Audiences are yearning to attend shows that are more than just viewing it on a screen as a passive attendee. BOOM Springboard is going to provide platforms that address these issues while adhering to pandemic event restrictions. BOOM Springboard will be a mixture of pop-up art events, a limited-attendance live show, and interactive online showcases.


To find out when and where BOOM Springboard Pop-up Art events will be held follow us on Instagram at Hold the date for June 5th. Time and location will be released closer to the event.


On June 9, join poet and visual artist Jessica Kean and dancer Amina Heckstall on Zoom, for an intimate, interactive event. Kean will provide a virtual gallery experience that explores visual art through a series of spoken word storytelling. Heckstall will dance to bring healing using African choreography. Sign-up for this unique virtual gallery experience on Eventbrite.


The live show will be June 23 at Neighborhood Theater. Show starts at 7pm. This event will be limited-attendance due to the pandemic. The show will also be livestreamed at a later date. Stay tuned to our social media pages for details on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Get to know the artists of BOOM Springboard: