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BOOM Performance: Younique Expression: Dance

When the world is telling you to “Do this and do that, walk this way, look that way. Go to college, get married, start a family. Work work work…” STOP! Take a moment to learn who and what you are, and do your own thing. In life we learn to work together and try our best to function in a productive space, however, always remember to be true to yourself and do you!

Stephanie Moore gained a passion for dance at a very early age and was determined to make dance her lifestyle and her career. She has been a part of many dance programs in the Carolinas and is trained in an array of dance styles, from ballet to Native American. Stephanie attended The University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a major in Dance Education.

She has professionally worked with such companies as Moving Poets Charlotte, The Sycamore Project, Wolf Trap of the NC Arts and Science Council, Dare to Soar Ent., and Young Champions of America. Stephanie also worked as a pre-K teacher for four years at Northside Christian Academy and currently works at Carolina Kids Child Development Center in Rock Hill, SC. Working with all ages (1- 101 years old) as a teacher and dancer, she learned to integrate dance and academics as a way of learning for young people that empower them to enjoy learning as well as gain a sense of self-esteem and values that will sustain their love of learning. Teaching Artist Philosophy: “Lifelong learning and dance are the holistic approach to a better mind and better health which leads to a better life”.

Showing at: Intersection: Legion Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, 3:20 – 3:35 pm
Admission is FREE