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UrbanZüe is dedicated to empowering Charlotte artists through projects and networking events, and provides a platform for building community relationships. UrbanZüe strives to to erase stereotypes and division and instead unite community resources to provide a supportive network for creatives, entrepreneurs, activists and dreamers. The UrbanZüe experience is crafted by artistic partners Loude Zue and Zue Moe.

BOOM Performance: “VanDalisa”

UrbanZüe’s tricked out 4-wheeled mobile gallery “VanDalisa” brings a new experience to the Boom Intersection. The project features hand painted murals by seven local artists and a pop-up atmosphere that encourages artistic engagement.

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Showing at: Intersection
Show Time:
Friday, April 20
7:00 – 11:00 pm
Admission is FREE