The Light Factory: Cyanotype Experience

The Light Factory: Visual Art Activity

One of Charlotte’s hidden gems, The Light Factory is a unique nonprofit with a history of over forty years. Their mission is to inspire and empower our community through photography education and exhibitions; offering everyone the opportunity to create, understand, and appreciate photography. The Light Factory is located in Plaza Midwood at 1817 Central Avenue, open for gallery visits on Wednesdays through Saturdays from Noon to 6:00pm.

BOOM Activity: Cyanotype Experience

Visitors will make a cyanotype, or sunprint, using found objects or personal objects. A cyanotype is an historical photographic process in which images are captured onto light sensitive paper using simply the sunlight. The resulting image yields a brilliant blue, or cyan, color due to the nature of the chemistry.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time: 
Saturday, April 21
3:30-5:30 pm
Admission is FREE