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Sinergismo: Performance Art

Sinergismo is a multi-disciplinary collaborative performance art ensemble comprised of professional dancers, visual artists, poets, and musicians on a mission to make innovative and inspiring art. 

The ensemble consistently uses humor, absurdity, and playfulness to explore various themes and ideas brought forth by group members. The group prides itself on its use of sophisticated humor and intentional contradictions.  All components of our projects/performances use a certain amount of self-sufficiency in all aspects including concept, choreography, set, sounds, props, costumes, etc.

Sinergismo was founded in 2002 by sculptor Jon Rajkovich and dancers Gretchen Jax and Jacki McCarthy while they were students at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC.  Over the last fourteen years, Sinergismo has produced more than 25 performance pieces and has grown to include over a dozen working artists.

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BOOM Performance: “Choosing Ceremony”

Sinergismo’s “Choosing Ceremony” takes place every 23rd waxing crescent moon. Be the first to witness the historical Gismo re-enactors as they recreate this mysterious and sacred female ritual. Bear witness as the Gismo women display their wits and talents for their chieftain. Who will be chosen? What will be chosen?

Performs at: Snug Harbor

Performance Times:
Friday, April 28 at 9:00 pm
Saturday, April 29 at 5:00 pm
Sunday, April 30 at 1:00 pm

Tickets are $10

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