Philip Cherry Philip Cherry IV: Live Mural Painting

Philip Cherry IV (the_extract): Live Mural Painting

Born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Durham, Philip Cherry IV is an artist who works to combine the playfulness of imagination and the importance of culture through his work, while hiding subliminal statements on social issues using complex imagery and symbolism. Flow is something he strives to expresses within his artwork. He does this by using different imagery and mediums such as gold leaf, acrylic, and watercolor.

In Philip Cherry IV’s work there is always a sense of movement and direction. If one looks closely, they will find that everything falls in a specific direction. This is something that has meaning. The fall is the climax and comedown over the flow of creation. The viewer of this piece will see a buildup of energy and fall into this work while viewing the piece. Work has feeling, expression, and reaction. As an artist there will be both a concrete vision expressed, as well as a subjective conclusion viewers will gain from viewing his work. This is why he puts a lot of information in his work. Each viewer will be able to gain a different message or meaning in the work while a larger more general idea is expressed.

BOOM Installation: Live Mural Painting

During the festival Philip Cherry IV will be painting a mural live that will be displayed right in the heart of the Boom festival. This will be a release of creative energy, a statement on social issues, and an overall experience between artist and viewer. The canvas will stretch 20ft across the sidewall of a home that will be dedicated to displaying the works of many talented Charlotte artist. During the festival viewers get an opportunity to see the process put into making a beautiful work of art while having the ability to ask questions and socialize with the artist at work to learn more about both the mural, and the artist.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Installation in process all weekend (April 20 – 22)
Admission is FREE