Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat: Audio Installation

Mystery Meat is a sound collage podcast and long-form chance operation created and run by a group of sound, theatre, and visual artists based in Western North Carolina and Michigan. Since the spring of 2016 they’ve been gathering and curating audience submitted audio content and releasing it as sound collages. In addition they produce installation and performance art in order to offer intentional and alternative live experiences for their pre-recorded work. These experiments and installations have been presented at Dreamtime Salon, Emersion, ATLantifest, the Asheville Fringe Festival, the Black Mountain College {Re}Happening, and Goodyear Arts.

BOOM Installation: Jank Tank 02

The Jank Tank is a sundoor into a miniature attic sound world. Underneath is a comfortable chair which can be adjusted to ensure your head is fully immersed into the box. Surrounding the opening is plush sound insulating fabric, for comfort and separation. Inside the box is your head and the prescribed sounds, light, and miniature world of Mystery Meat. Please don’t be afraid. Its nice inside. Its just a box with some medicine inside. We love you.

Come enjoy a personal and immersive listening experience. Jank Tank 02, one of Mystery Meat’s three listening head boxes, will be installed all day at the International House.

Showing at: International House
Show Time:
Saturday, April 29
noon – 9:30 pm
Admission is FREE

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