Micaila Ayorinde

Micaila Ayorinde: Performance Art

“The purpose of all of my art is to tell a story – sometimes vocally, sometimes on stage, sometimes visual.  My artistic creations as a vocal artist – voice over, singer and spoken word –  is the voiced expression of my spirit’s vision of the world as a better and more beautiful place. I am committed to being a positive influence as a creative source to enhance our co-existence.” 

BOOM Performance: “We The People and the More Beautiful World”

Simultaneously, a mini art exhibit and an inspirational message to the masses and urban-folk concert, “We The People and the More Beautiful World” is a multimedia choreo-poem that takes the audience on a journey from the present day problems to an equally plausible positive future…inviting its members to envision a more beautiful world and to take action as part of a movement for positive change.

This performance is inspired by findings by “the opportunity task force” and the real life struggles of marginalized people. Using poetry prose and original music, performance artist Ayorinde sets a tone for something greater to emerge.

With bold and gritty backdrops from Underground artist Bunny Gregory and muralist Nick Napoletano and featuring photo art by Derrick Hines, Micaila Milburn, Charles Thomas and Phoenixsong Stellamaris, and showcasing new “Music for The Movement,” the performance features stunning photographic images juxtaposed with portable mural size artwork, a fire pit, drumming and audience participation.

As “we gather round the Sacred fire,” the performance rhythmically leads into a community forum where we discuss what each of us can do (right now) to contribute to a more beautiful world and life experience for all. Together, the audience and performers create a “Soul-Song” for the people that represent what “we the people” want to see in our world.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, April 22
6:30 – 7:30 pm
Admission is FREE