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BOOM Performance: “Coming of Age”

An excerpt of “Coming of Age” will begin with a monologue foreshadowing an impending tragedy followed by a portrayal of college men holding toxic conversation that can encourage certain illwitted behaviors. The presentation will be followed by a brief discussion on the work as a whole and its impact on audiences and performers.


Inspired by experiences from the theatrical world since his childhood, Mariot Valcin Jr. has developed the gift of creating original and adapted productions that are thought-provoking and educational, entertaining and cathartic. Mariot’s writing teaches, inspires, and tickles your “funny bone”. His writing captures the essence of life, its struggles, and the triumph that rises seasonally. Mariot’s writing takes you to a new place, and sometimes a new time, all reminding you of your current reality and experiences.

With a fan base accumulated throughout many productions over time, collaboration with other artists, partnership with Charlotte ASC, participating in art festivals such as the recent Sensoria Arts Festival, Mariot is ready to expand his horizon and targeted audience to a broader scale. Recently with the incorporation of his LLC, G.M. Productions, Mariot has branded his work after arriving to Charlotte 5 years ago, and his ambitions are destined to come to fruition by utilizing his work ethic and “people-person” personality.

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Showing at: Intersection
Show Time:
Friday, 8:15 – 8:30 pm
Admission is FREE