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Lauren Chalaire: Spoken Word

Lauren Chalaire (pronounced Sha-lair) is an American spoken word artist, prolific writer, and public relations specialist from Charlotte, NC.

Lauren Chalaire has taken on an unapologetic approach to her message of self-reflection and growth. She embodies the style of the Harlem Renaissance and transcendentalist movements. Her work is influenced by the likes of Henry David Thoreau, Langston Hughes, CounteeCullen, Emily Dickinson, and Spike Lee. Lauren Chalairehas performed at historic venues including the Apache Cafe in Atlanta, the Carver Theatre in Birmingham, AL, and the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC.

Performers: Rome D’Carlo, Valentina Escobar, Poetic Lee

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Saturday, April 21
8:00 – 8:10 pm
Admission is FREE