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Justin Evans: Spoken Word

Justin Evans

BOOM Performance: Justin Evans: Poetry

“In the Beginning” is a series of personal and ecstatic reinterpretations of Genesis 1:1-8 and John 1:1-5 and an expression of creation myth as a re-invocation of the world. Justin will be performing this set of short poems as a durational performance, repeating and improvising poems for hours in an attempt to reform the text in an immediate context.

Justin Evans is a poet, playwright, and performer. His work focuses on the spoken word as a vitalizing and community-strengthening device through strategies of absurdism, chance operation, religious invocation, and anasyrma. His poetry has been published in Ursus Americanus Press, Five2One, Metabolism, the Kumquat, and The Peal. His writing credits for the stage include A Tonguey Kiss for Samuel Davidson (Anam Cara Theatre Co., Asheville,,NC), Satan v. Laundry (ACTC), The 30th Annual Bernstein Family Christmas Spectacular (The Magnetic Theatre, Asheville,,NC), Ubu Roi: A Reading With Rage Games and Weepery (XOXO, Charlotte), and All The Dogs and Horses (XOXO). He is the founder and former managing editor of the sound collage podcast and art organism Mystery Meat and former co-editor of Vanilla Sex Magazine. Currently he is pursuing an MFA in Poetry from Queens University and occasionally performs as a member of the Poetry Cabaret Collective in Asheville, NC.

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Showing at: Street (Rabbit Hole Parking Lot)
Show Times:
Saturday, 2 – 6 pm
Admission is FREE