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Hip Hop Orchestrated: Music

Hip Hop Orchestrated helps people get to know one another through the mixing & blending of Hip Hop & Orchestral music.

Hip Hop Orchestrated loves organized sound! We love how music becomes a cross-cultural connector.

We take audiences on journeys into sound. We take listeners on a sonic trip from Bach to TuPac. We understand the powerful sensation of experiencing the thump of the 808 drums in a Dr. Dre track. We also understand that the intense rumbles from the Timpani drums of a Beethoven composition can be just as powerful. We want to help our audiences experience the musical movements of Mozart and Ryan Leslie all in one performance.

We use music as the first step in helping others realize just how much they truly have in common. If these musical genres, that are perceived to be opposite ends of the musical spectrum, can mix and blend so beautifully so can the people that listen to them. 

At a Hip Hop Orchestrated event, we strive to help individuals build genuine social connection with one another through music. Once the first social connection is made through the music, the foundation of a true friendship can begin.

Hip Hop Orchestrated believes that when people truly become friends, they more than likely care about the well being of one another. When people genuinely care about one another, they will work to ensure their friend succeeds in all that they do.

Come on out to a Hip Hop Orchestrated event! Enjoy some music! Meet someone new! Make a friend!

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Saturday, April 29
6:30 – 7:00 pm
Admission is FREE