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Elizabeth and the Groove Krewe: Music

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BOOM Performance: Elizabeth and the Groove Krewe: Music

Come ready to dance, feel, and shift your perspectives with Groove Krewe. Let the waves and undercurrents of the synergy between words, music, and electronics push and pull the energy around us.

We are a collective of talented local musicians from various backgrounds presenting a creative, artistic, and groovy mix of genres.

Lead singer Elizabeth Kowalski (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer) is a Charlotte native and began her classical study of piano and vocal performance at the age of 5. She holds degrees in Piano (UNCC) and Music Composition (UNCG).

Band members are local musicians who are extremely active in their scenes: John Shaughnessy (bass), Matt Postle (trumpet), Johnnie May (guitar), and Fred Dunlap (percussion).

Elizabeth Kowalski website »
John Shaughnessy on Bandcamp »
Matt Postle website »

Showing at: Intersection
Show Time:
Sunday, 1 – 1:20 pm
Admission is FREE