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Concrete Players is a drum and DJ duo out of Charlotte, NC, that is providing an alternative way in which you experience live music with an electronic element. Together, artists Patrick Buckley and DJ Hugo (Omar Crenshaw) will keep you dancing with their collaboration, playing old and new tunes for you to enjoy!

Experience old school vs. new school when two DJs — DJ Answer (Leonard Johnson) and DJ Hugo (Omar Crenshaw) with drummer Patrick Buckley — from two eras take four records and create one sound. Watch (or dance) as they scratch, cross-fade and beat-jump their way to ecstasy. You are likely to hear everything from a snippet of “Apache” to a loop of Kanye as these two square off in a delightful instrumental history of hip-hop.


Patrick Buckley is an experienced drummer who has made a great impact on the local music scene. Performing with bands, solo acts, and as the resident drummer for Hip Hop Orchestrated, he is a well-rounded drummer that brings a diverse set of skills to the group.

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DJ Hugo (Omar Crenshaw) is a local DJ and producer that has broken into the Charlotte scene and performed at festivals, fashion shows and has also worked alongside Hip Hop Orchestrated. Hugo spins all genres but has a love for Hip Hop and other forms of strong groove driven music.

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DJ Answer (Leonard Johnson)

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Sunday, April 22
4:00 – 4:45 pm
Admission is FREE