Whispers Whispers: Interactive Installation

Whispers: Art & Sound Installation

Artists Lina Taheri and Alex Nelson are UNC Charlotte graduate students, currently in their last year of the Design Computation (DesComp) Dual Masters Program. This program, which offers both a Master of Architecture and Master of Information Technology degree, has provided them with an opportunity to work on unique projects that incorporate computation with built, physical space in a variety of ways. Their love of music, the arts, interactive installations, and architecture led to this collaboration in a design studio at UNC Charlotte. They are excited for the opportunity to share this installation – Whispers – with the Charlotte community.

Interactivity in space can transform a typically static space into a dynamic one, without the need for changing its physical elements. Through decentralized interactions, individuals can have varying personalized experiences all within a common space. When these individualized interactions are linked to one another, a platform for engagement emerges between occupants in that space. Since music and architecture are not confined to regional languages, their ability to engage occupants through natural gestures and familiar experiences brings great opportunity in adding to a more dynamic future in built space.

BOOM Installation: Whispers

Whispers is an installation that is focused on integrating music and architecture in space by sensing a user’s presence and then using this information to produce a rich and diverse musical sound and experience. It is also exploring how interactive elements can engage individuals through natural interactions to create a more compelling experience in space.

For this installation, artists Lina Taheri and Alex Nelson have designed a series of light-up interactive panels that are integrated in the space. These panels house the sensors and micro-controllers that detect the proximity of the user in the space and then translate that distance into an orchestrated variation of sound with music editing software in real time. As an occupant approaches the interactive panels, they hear their personal influence on the transformation of sounds and uncover ways in which they can influence the music that they hear in the space.

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Showing at: Intersection Stage
Show Time:
Friday, April 20
6:00 – 11:00 pm
Admission is FREE