Aris Quiroga & Daniel LeSolis

Aris Quiroga & Daniel LeSolis: Music

Aris Quiroga

As a lifelong student of music, Aris Quiroga has been inseparable from his instrument for decades, studying at the National University of Bogota, as well as the Conservatory of Music in Madrid, Spain.

While continuing to elevate his talent and hone his skills, he tackled master classes with renowned guitarists such as Abel Carlevaro, Oscar Giglia, Michael Lorimer, and more. Through earnest devotion to his craft and blessed with an innate talent, Quiroga has turned himself into a one of the premier classical guitarists on the scene today. Despite remaining clearly focused on tradition and his classical roots, Quiroga utilizes influences from other genres such as contemporary, jazz, and world music to create a more unique and captivating sound.

A clear veteran of the stage, the Bogota musician has over 25 years of experience performing in countries from the Netherlands to Puerto Rico, including shows on national television & radio. In his native Colombia, he performed for the president with a philharmonic orchestra, as well as numerous appearances at concert halls and universities.

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Daniel LeSolis

Daniel LeSolis is originally from the beautiful city of Cuernavaca, Morelos -Mexico. At an early age he fell in love with her grandmother’s vinyl records by Frank Sinatra and the big artist bands from the 50’s, as well as with other traditional Mexican music: rancheras, boleros, mariachis, and many more. Music has always been Daniel’s refuge, and his biggest passion. 


Showing at: International House
Show Time:
Saturday, April 29
2:00 – 2:30pm
Admission is FREE