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BOOM Performance: Ali Steele: Neosoul, Hip-hop and R&B

Ali Steele sings affirmations about life and “grown folks’ business,” accompanied by a guitarist, pianist and/or background singers. Sage smoke and crystals are ever-present at his performances, as Ali always shows up as his authentic, light-filled self. Audiences can also expect a bit of playfulness.

“I love audience interaction. Having that connection with my audience gives me the boost to let loose,” he said. Still, “I pour my heart, soul and blood into everything I do. and will not give less. Once you give me that microphone, my voice will tell a story in itself.”

His knowledge of African culture, race theory and music lend depth to the songs, as do personal experiences. “My songs helped me get through hardships. Whether it’s how dark my skin is or my loc’ed hair, everyone is uniquely made,” Ali said. “Self-love is everything and if you don’t have it you will not survive.”

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Showing at: Intersection
Show Time:
Saturday, 1:40 – 2 pm
Admission is FREE