AfroPop! + UrbanZüe After Party


AfroPop! + UrbanZüe: After Party

The Bam Session is a creative space for everyone to #GETFREE. Through an eclectic display of fashion, an interactive art gallery, live drumming, African diaspora music, creative culture in motion and dope audio-visual content; we intend to empower the community/people to pARTy for a purpose. Curated by Urban Züe + AFROPOP!

AfroPop!: A platform that highlights the rise of African Diaspora music, culture, art, business and fashion in popular culture.
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UrbanZüe: Our mission is to develop creative platforms by hosting art galleries that empower the community through collaboration, projects and showcases. 
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Showing at: Petra’s Bar
Show Time:
Saturday, April 29
10:00 pm – 1:30 am

Tickets are $10

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AfroPop-UrbanZue After Party

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