100 Words Film & Conversation

100 Words Films & Conversation: Film

The 100 Words Film Festival celebrates concise, cinematic storytelling. Each film must deliver a compelling tale using exactly 100 words, challenging filmmakers to focus on the essence of the story. Produced by Susie Films, this festival takes place in McGlohon Theater during November and attracts national and international filmmakers of every genre.

BOOM is proud to partner with Susie Films in presenting several 100 words films making their premiere, as well as some of the festival’s best films. In keeping with the spirit of BOOM, this collection will be more experimental, pushing the envelope on the short film format.

Showing at: International House
Show Time:
Saturday, April 29
5:30 – 7:00pm
Admission is FREE

Join the Conversation

We’ll be joined by the filmmakers — professionals and students — who will discuss their motivation, technique and process with the audience. The conversation will include the artists below.

100 word film: “Underbelly Up” (3:42 mins)
“This is Yates” (25:00 mins)

Yates is a media artist and educator based in the Carolinas. His still and moving images are concerned with memory, trauma, nostalgia, detritus, and the everyday. His work has been screened at Anthology Film Archives, Los Angeles Filmforum, Photographer’s Forum Magazine, VICE, Found Footage Magazine, Art Papers, Asheville Art Museum, Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Indie Memphis Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, Indie Grits and the 100 Words Film Festival. Yates is currently an Adjunct Professor at UNC Charlotte and University of South Carolina, where he teaches a variety of courses in film studies and video production. We will screen Yates’ 100 words film and his award-winning autobiographical short film “This is Yates.” So far, the film has won juried awards for “Best Experimental Film” at the New Orleans and Indie Grits film festivals–it’s also screened at Slamdance, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Nashville, and Chicago Underground. 

100 word film: “Chupacabra: A Love Story” (2:47 mins)
Patterson is a director, writer, actor, improver and owner of Stationary Hobo Productions. Before moving to Charlotte, Kevin lived in Phoenix, Arizona where he was showrunner for “The Arthouse,” a comedy web series that won the Phoenix New Times “Best Blog About The End of the World.” Since living in Charlotte he has produced for the 2016 48 hour project a film entitled “Losing and Wining.” “Chupacabra: A Love Story” was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona. It was co-written by Kevin Patterson and Ernesto Moncada. Ernesto Moncada plays the Churpacabra in the film.


100 Word Film: “Freedom Line” (9:35 mins)

Smith is a young filmmaker from the DMV (DC, Virginia, MD) making his mark in the Carolinas. He hopes his production company, J.S. Productions, will become a name in the industry of filmmaking. His company slogan is “Our Vision. Your Story.” Smith says. “Let’s get out there and create stories that impact not only us, but future artists as well!”


100 Word Film: “State of Emergency” (5:11 mins)

As a kid, Edwards was passionately opposed to authority art, athletics, video games — the perfect “concoction” for an independent filmmaker. Raised in Charleston and Columbia, SC, he graduated from Dreher High School and joined the U.S. Navy. After serving five years as a Mass Communication Specialist, he attended the Art Institute of Charlotte, graduating in 2014 with a Bachelors of Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. Since graduating, he has completed an array of projects including everything from commercials and music videos, to documentaries and short narratives.


Student Filmmaker

“The American”

As a child, Maximilian Rivera once watched Jurassic Park every day one summer. As a teenager, he created impromptu short films with his friends on a VHS camcorder. As an adult, he is the “Movie Guy” on his local trivia team and a marketing copywriter. With his upbringing by Nuyoricans in the South, Max grew up intermingling with different cultures. He’s developed has a strong interest in immigration and the concept of the American Dream. Max cohosts a podcast called The Critical Breakdown that works its way from the bottom of Rotten Tomatoes to the very top, week by week. 

Student Filmmaker

“Monsters” (5:02 mins)

Currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Frazier is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in American Sign Language and Theatre. She started acting in her pre-teens and developed her love for directing and screenwriting later in college. She hopes to own her own independent film company and start a film festival for youth of color.  She is a two-time Campus Movie Fest Jury Critic Award winner and she also placed in second at NC Black Film Festival for her work in film. Frazier is also a published writer the novel Purple to Lavender.